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Admin: Del Message  govardhan das    govardhan@bewusst-sein.org  07/16/2005 13:27  Date
Message Vedic Wisdom Translation: The character of universal Love

1) The cosmos is being reigned by laws that are equal for all its inhabitants. If we do not know these laws or ignore them we will come into conflicts and suffer the consequences. The message of universal love will increase our comprehension of the laws of nature and supports a world-view on a basis of which the whole world could make friends with each other.

2) If we follow the message of universal love we will understand our relationship with humans much better. We should respect other persons independent of their faith, their race or their sex because every human has his special abilities and can become spiritually elevated. We should give up aversion and devaluation towards unknown persons and embrace all of them in the heart.

3) The message of universal love teaches us how much more beautiful it is to serve others than considering ourselves as their master. Envy, maliciousness and exploitation of the weaknesses of others and the indifference towards their adversity is the hotbed on which criminality grows. Who dedicates himself to the well-being of others, deserves our respect. The service on others is a unique experience and only by such service we can feel save and util in our lives. The wish to control and dominate other persons will only produce a strong aversion in them and increase our loneliness.

4) The message of universal love corrects our relation with animals. In order to be eaten by us the animals have to suffer indescribably. If we consider the whole extent of violence done to animals we should not close our eyes towards the short and long term consequences on humanity and the environment. Meat, fish and eggs are neither necessary for our alimentation nor for our health.

5) The message of universal love exposes the violence and exploitation which is hidden behind the consumption of meat, fish and eggs. It teaches us a higher taste which is part of the liberty beyond the imprisonment of the addiction for gratification. Without a vegetarian life-style this higher taste will remain theory.

6) If we understand the message of universal love we will perceive our actual connection with Mother Nature. The planet earth holds air, water and alimentation in great quantities for all living beings. We should be thankful for this generosity and at the same time we should humbly acknowledge our dependency on its gifts. Because we are dependent on the kindness of Mother Earth we have to utilize its riches constructively and again learn to keep the forests, the water and the earth clean and the naturalness of its seeds. The compassion with those who suffer shortage gives us the possibility to be generous.

7) The message of universal love gives us the eyes to see the great force which is maintaining the creation and providing the fundamentals for live on earth. It constitutes the connection with this cosmic energy and its origin.

8) The message of universal love lets us become tolerant towards men of different faith. Many faiths and cults teach the appreciation of Mother Nature and it's creator. We should respect them. Who mistreats humans or animals and refers to his faith is very far away from this message of universal love.

9) The universal love shows us our responsability towards our children. Children are very easily influenceable and very easily hurtable. They need safety. We should be a living example of the message of the universal love and at the same time we must protect them from everything which is controverse to these values.

10) The influence of the message of universal love enriches the relationship of partners. We should always stay attentive for a healthy family live because a joyful matrimony is the natural protection for the children. If the values of the message of the universal love are in the center of the family, it will not be able to stick to egoistic interests for the partners.

11) The universal love provides us with a deep understanding of the sexual power inside of us. By sexuality a power is revealed which is capable of begetting a new life in this world. It is the door for our birth. But it is a serious fault if we want to replace love with sexuality because it leads us to mutual disappointment, accusations, loneliness and the desperate feeling of being utilized and contaminated. Unwanted children are the sad result of a misunderstood sexuality in which none of both partners gives real love but just expects it for himself.

12) The entry of the universal love in our life lets us better understand our own self. If we carefully take a look on the changing of the body from childhood to youth and old age we will recognize that our conscious self is not subject to this process of aging to the same extent as our body. I, my own self, is independent from the hull of the body and we should become conscious that there are greater tasks than the preservation of the body.

13) The message of universal love gives us a clear answer to the question if our live started with birth and will be finished with our death. Traditions of ancient cultures, repatriation in past lives under hypnosis, the phenomenon of whiz-kids: all of them confirm the independent existence of the conscious living being from the body. One thing becomes very clear thereby: if we wander from one body to the next, we ourselves carry the responsability to which extent the universal love can grow inside of us.

14) The message of universal love lets us recognize the origin of our own existence. We are individual personalities and therefore we are completely conscious of our own existence. Our origin must also have these attributes: individuality, consciousness, personality. Let's call him the conscious highest living being. The origin can not be less than its creation, therefore chance cannot be the origin of live.

15) The influence of the universal love makes us conscious that we are responsible for our actions, words and even our thoughts. If we recognize that every action produces a reaction we will easily be able to understand the universal law of Karma. For our own well-being we should avoid all the things that cause negative reactions. Rather we should act in a way which enables a positive future for the world and therefore also for us.

16) The message of universal love intimates the origin of the false ego. This realization will help us to question the false ego consciousness and to abandon the identification with its hulls. The attachments to these temporary hulls let appear our body, our family, our land, our faith, our ideology, our social status as most important for us. Together with the urge for might they become the origin for maliciousness, hate and fights.

17) The universal love sharpens our sight for the influence of media. If, by the contributions of media intolerance is stimulated, lust is stoked and violence is played-down, we have to be conscious about the difficultly controlable results for children as well as adults and should avoid this degrading influence at least ourselves.

18) The universal love opens our eyes for the consequences of intoxication. The addiction to intoxication freezes our most important ability: the ability to love. That is what makes drugs so dangerous, individually and collectively. Instead of artificial intoxication the universal love allows us to feel natural pleasure.

19) The universal love shows us the risks of gambling and all attempts that are aimed only on increasing our bodily gratification, accumulating material wealth and attaining fame. The gambling ends in misfortune, pushes others to self-destruction and the ambition to ruin others. Therefore we have to differentiate us from gambling and everything else that hinders us to be util for our family and the society.

20) The greatest present we received from the conscious highest living being is freedom. The universal love teaches us to handle this freedom correctly because thereby the mystery of live starts.

21) The universal love lets us recognize an opportunity for our development in our work. Without work neither the individual persons nor the society can maintain themselves. If love flows into our work then this work becomes a celebration, a holy sacrifice.

22) The message of universal love explains the mystic of the inner voice. Every human perceives this inner voice which for instance warns us of actions that would cause harm to others or ourselves. We can be thankful that there is such a natural mystic in all humans. It was given different names in differenct cultures. We should regard this inner voice as a help of the conscious highest living being for each one of his children.

23) By the universal love we will see the death of a body as something natural and therefore strive for development of our consciousness. We do not know when we have to strive. But our consciousness will be preserved and it is extremely important on what it will be aimed. If we are able to direct it to the universal love our life will be successful because death is just a door that leads to the next area of growing and learning.

24) The universal love teaches us the loving. The humanity is longing for love, it is starving for love. If a human does not direct his own life on love but sees the value of a relationship only in the satisfaction of his desires he cannot feel love and everything will break. If the conscious highest living being is situated in the center of our love, our quest for love will become successful and our relations will be healed, yes even sacred.

25) The universal love teaches us the praying. By the sincere prayer our mind opens for the sacred. No matter which way ever a human may pray, the praying will help him to internalize the universal love. Oh my lord, please let me be an instrument of your love.

26) The universal love inspires our comprehension of the holy sound. Every sound has got influence of our consciousness and clearly we can feel its disturbing or harmonizing effect. Spiritual and meditative sounds strengthen our consciousness and let the universal love grow inside of us.

27) The worldwide organization of United Nations has the function to protect the rights of those who cannot do this themselves. The values of the universal love would enrich these endeavours because they cause sensitivity for important rights of life which would significantly improve the situation of the world if they are followed.

28) It is the nature of universal love to reveal the richness of life to us: to be loving, sincere and just, serving, generous and merciful. With pleasure we should let the message of universal love influence our activities and take care of and protect its ideal, no matter which natural position and task we have in the society or if we are children or adults.


The beauty will carry away the victory in this world. And also the love will emerge victorious. We will give up everything so that the banner of divine love will blow all over the world because even a spark of this diving love is sufficient to keep up peace and to spread it in all directions. Swami BR Sridhara

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Admin: Del Message  govardhan d.    govardhan@bewusst-sein.org  05/27/2005 18:23  Date
Message hari bol and dandavat pranams!!

contratulations for your nice service. i like the page very much!
Gurumaharaja asked me to write some articles for several news pages.

so here is a short article concerning the new farm of Vrinda in Bolivia:

Thanks to the efforts of Bolivia-Yatra the Vrinda familiy is able to present a new project in Bolivia: a farm and new destination for the Inbound Tours.
The place is called "Monasterio Monte Sagrado" and is situated only 115km from the capital of Bolivia, La Paz. The road is an amazing experience. From the cold high tops of the Bolivian Andes it descends to the jungle, passing through deep canyons to reach the small colonial town called Coroico. 20 minutes from Coroico lies the farm in the beautiful green landscape of Bolivia, at the foot of a huge mountain called "Monte Sagrado", the Sacred Mountain, and is surrounded by fertile land.
In this way, the Vrinda family is offering a new destination for the Inbound Tours in an amazing place with the chance to visit waterfalls in the fair forests, take Inca-trails, visiting afro-bolivian communities, trekking tours to the Sacred Mountain or practice Hatha-Yoga and meditation in an elevating environment.
The organization named ECO-BAMBU MANDALA was formed to support the project. Both, the farm and the organization will be dedicated to preserve the eco-system of the Monte Sagrado. Stevia, orchids, heliconias and bamboo, which will serve as raw material for handycrafts, will be cultivated there. In this way the farm will provide an alternative for the cultivation of coca which is very common in this area.
For more information, contact or support please write to: isevperu@amauta.rcp.net.pe


please let me know if you need something.
email: govardhan@bewusst-sein.org

thank you, all glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga


Admin: Del Message  Manah Siksa Devi dasi    manahsiksa@vrinda.info http://www.vrinda.info  08/06/2004 06:25  Date
Message All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

Dear devotees, please accept my humble obeisances. With this brief report I would like to share with you some experiences from Vrinda’s summer mela 2004 in Germany.

In the afternoon on the auspicious day of Padmini Ekadasi, 28th of July, devotees from many places came together for this nice festival in the Kurukshetra Temple in Berlin. It was very nice to meet with spiritual sisters and brothers from different parts in the world, some knowing each other since before and some new. And nice to hear so many languages spoken – a real international gathering with the same goal of sadhu sanga; to be blessed with the presence of our Divine Spiritual Master, Srila Guru Maharaj, the association of the sannyasis B.V. Sadhu Maharaja, B.V. Vaisnava Maharaja and B.A. Kesava Maharaja, and all the beautiful Vaisnavas. So much nectar, so much inspiration, nourishment, sweetness for the soul…

After the devotees had found their place to stay, the festival started with bhajans, Gurupuja and a class. Berlin Yatra is now preparing for installation of the Deities Sri Sri Radha-Govindasundara, so during the mela, Guru Maharaj gave many inspiring lectures to prepare the devotees for that event. The last day everyone even had the opportunity to take darshan from the very beautiful Deities for a short while and to offer Them flowers, and we all hope that it will not take long time till They want to be installed in the temple.

After some nice prasadam this first day of the mela, the evening ended with George Harrison Tribute Show.

The following day, Thursday 29th, we took a chartered bus to Leuenberg in the countryside, where a new project for Conscious Art is taking place. Guru Maharaj gave a class, and later there was time for recreation in the beautiful nature and swimming in a lake for those who wanted. In the afternoon, prasadam, seminaries and agni hotra.

Friday was a day full of nectar, revealed by Guru Maharaj and Sadhu Maharaj. In the afternoon there as a nice Harinam Sankirtan in the centre of Berlin in the beautiful summer weather. A very beautiful sight, the colourful presence of the devotees who were singing, dancing and playing mrdanga, flutes, kartals, etc., in front of the Brandenburgertor… After the evening prasadam, Rasa Manjari Devi Dasi showed some of her latest clips from the trip in South America.

On Saturday afternoon, we all went on harinam to the adventure playground Humboldthain for Vivaha Samskara / Vedic weddings.

On Sunday morning we gathered on the same place, the adventure playground, where Guru Maharaj gave a class in the sunshine. After that, he had a special gathering with the children, and Sadhu Maharaj told about Krishna’s plays. After prasadam, the culture program took place with different musicians on a scene in the park. Campfires were lit and nice bhajans sung after darkness fell.

After some intensive days in nice spiritual atmosphere, Monday came, the final day of the mela. After darshan of the Deities and class with Guru Maharaj, there was a fire sacrifice and inaugurations. So beautiful, so inspiring, a moment of joy…

This was just a short report, and many things i still haven't mentioned here. Please, forgive any shortcoming in this try to report such an enriching event with my poor words.

I would like to congratulate and give my thanks to all the devotees of Berlin who arranged this mela very nicely, and thanks to all my sisters and brothers who blessed me with their association during these days. And also many thanks from my heart to my dear Guru Maharaj, for inviting me to this festival, and for blessing me with the Gaura-Nitay deity to make me company here in this remote place in the north of Sweden. And my sincere thanks to the Supreme Lord, who by His unlimited mercy, has given me such a beautiful spiritual family and from now also two nice god brothers for the mission in Sweden.

Humbly at your service,
Manah Siksa Devi dasi

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Admin: Del Message  B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami     07/20/2004 04:39  Date
Message Message from Guru Maharaj on the Sunday chat from Hungary, July 18, 2004


Many times we forget how wonderful everything is. We forget that our duties are given by Go-vinda-d or Go-vinda-tt. He is there in all our duties and tests.

The sweetness of thinking and praying to the Lord gets covered by the mental mayas. We do not know what we have until we loose it. We have to chant daily and pray to remember the sweet will of Krishna at every moment. We can stay with Krishna in the kindness we give to others. There is no Krishna in our harshness or otherwise rude treatment of other living entities. Therefore of we want to be with Krishna in our mind we should always think how to make him close to us by seeing him in the heart of the others we contact every day.

The right meditation is like a samadhi. In the deep prayer his mercy flows. In the care and love for others, his mercy flows through us to others. It is Krishna’s kindness that we may meet our different bothers and sisters every day. To make everything more meaningful, we should always have some literature and or some CD of the appropriate level of understanding of the different people we meet. What we cannot explain ourselves, we can at least be equipped with the material to deliver solid and sweet information about our spiritual ideals.

Krishna is the creator and maintainer of all souls and elements. His presence is to be seen in every mature moment. He is in the beauty of the landscape and in the love thirsty look of every being. He is the master of all and exercises his supreme power giving us so much independence. His grace is always present. We can see him, touch him, smell him and taste him in his universal presence and get a glimpse of is infinite glories and powers.

His own personal sweetness though, we can only perceive in his pure devotees and their devotion to him. Filled with separation, their mood is full of
dedication to bring Krishna into their life by serving him with love. The flowers are the smile of Krishna. The taste of water is he himself. But Vrindavan is his sweet home and there he is deeply immersed to please his beloved devotees with his different lilas. That holy land is also close and far as well from us. You cannot go the Vrindavan by buying a ticket. Vrindavan is a state of consciousness. But you can long to go and be in Vrindavan.

We have to see Krishna in the many ways he is allowing us to be close to him. He is the kindness we receive. And he is the chastisement we experience sometimes in life. He wakes us up in the morning and allows us to rest at night. He gives us strength and peace in our deep sleep and sometimes messages in our dreams. He is there to accept our food when we make an offering to him. He sees us even if we do not see him.

“Do not try to see Krishna”, Srila Prabhupada said. “Try to behave in such a way that Krishna wants to see you”. When we go for darshan in His temple, we can see His lotus feet, His dress His arms, His flute and His smiling face. We can see His beloved Radharani at His side and His united appearance as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. We see Him in the parampara. There He gave His message from one to the other. He gave His love invitation to come to Vrindavan to all of us, hand delivered by His Divine Grace, the empowered external representation of the Supersoul.

Divine Guru in our Heart! You are using all of us as you like. You are the well-wisher of all. You guide us carefully and when we are negligent to Your help, You pick us up again very soon. You remind us of Your perfect vision. You give us clarity inside. You allow us to bring you into our presence meditating on our Guru when we do not know what to do. It is sometimes so difficult to obey You when the mind is captured by different desires. But You give Your support again. You do not reject us ever. It is unbelievable. You give us our family, parents partners and children. You put Yourself into our arms and care to draw some love from us. To make us feel that You are all love. That is Your request: “Become all love. Help others, share what you have. Give to others what you would like to receive. Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Be with Him and never repent to have offered yourself to be an instrument of His love. Now we can rejoice: He is there to stay until we finally realize that His love is the greatest, and that we have wasted a lot of time in this world. No more, hopefully. Nitai gaura. I just wrote here what came to my heart today.

Here we have a short visit to Budapest. And good news; four Hungarian devotees will tour all of South America with me after Janmastami, including Krishnananda acarya our spiritual leader here in Hungary.

Hari bol! A warm hug to all of you. Once more, it is very nice to have this transcendental family and so much service to Srila Prabhupada.

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Admin: Del Message  Swami BA Harijan    <ba.harijan@freemail.hu> http://nandafalva.hu  07/01/2004 00:50  Date
Message Report from hungary
27. 06. 2004.

Devotees from Hungary of our mission are doing a lot of valuable services. First of all we are pleased with Premakumar prabhu who is helping the mission with his kind endeavor by providing us a server. In Budapest we have several projects, Kesava maharaj is leading a nice ashram. They are running a bio shop as well where they hold programs. Kesava maharaj is running a radio program. Every two weeks he is leading a program from 9 to 1 pm. He has opportunity to preach there on very nice way. They just started a new vaisvana journal founded by Gurudeva Paramadvaiti Maharaj, named "darshan".
There is a mataji ashram in Budapeast also. Gopal shakti dd from there is giving yoga classes. There is a music group founded by Gurudeva Paramadvaiti maharaj named "Gayatri", consist of three devotees. Leader is Govardhan Shila dd, who is a professional pianist.
Our mother temple is Nandafalva founded by Gurudeva Srila Bhakti Abhay Narayan Maharaj. At Nandafalva we have 8 farms which are belonging to devotees, families, and one is our central place, where is the guest house. Krsnananda acarya prabhu is living here, he is an initiating guru in our mission. He is famous of his humility, sincerity and of his kirtans. We are cultivating land. We have Radha Gopi Vallabha deities here. We are trying to establish a very simple life so far from society to create a really peaceful area for practicing spiritual life. Yamuna sakhi dd teaches yoga in city near by, and she is taking her students here for retreats.
We have preaching centre in Eger which city is situated 130 kms on east from Budapest. Here we run a bio shop also. Gauramantra dd is taking charge. She teaches yoga and english there. We are making children camps near Eger since last 10 years.
We are very happy waiting for our divine preceptors, for Srila Guru Maharaj and Sripad Sadhu maharaj

Your servant
Swami B.A. Harijan

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Admin: Del Message  Berlin Yatra    info@kurukshetra.de  06/24/2004 03:33  Date
Message All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

Dear devotees and friends,

Soon it is time for the summer Mela in Berlin.
We hope we will enable you to have a nice time.
You all are very welcome!


28.07 Day of Arrival is 28 of July .The first program will be in the
evening .

29.07 On this day we will go in a passenger ship on our local river to a
place where we could have a picnic and other activities. Swimming is
also possible!

30.07 The morning and evening program will be in the Kurukshetra temple.
We will have a cinema program and other seminars on this day.

31.07/1.08 On these two days our celebrations will be held in a
reserved area away from the temple. There we will have concerts,
theater, a fire-ceromony, barbecue, competitions and a children´s

2.08. There will be a program in the morning then, soon after, we will
have the departure.

Please let us know as soon as possible how many of you wish to come.
This will makes our organising easier.
We will try to accomodate all of you in our temples, our Grihasta
ashrams and friend’s houses. Those who accomodate friends and devotees
will provide their guests with breakfast and a place to sleep.
Furthermore we ask you to please bring sleeping-bags and sleeping-mats.
The lunch and the evening-snack will be served during the Mela-program.

For booking, please contact by e-mail:

or by snail mail to the following post address:
Kurukshetra Yogaschule
10115 Berlin

Phone number: 0049 (0)30 28096894

Booking ends 1st of July, 2004

Price :
One person including accmodation, food and program for the whole Mela ( 28.07 – 2. 08): 90,00 €

If you wish to stay for a shorter time, please let us know as soon as possible with the details, and we will adjust the cost accordingly.

If a family take part, only 3 person have to pay full, the others are free.

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Admin: Del Message  Message from Guru Maharaj    isevperu@amauta.rcp.net.pe  03/29/2004 04:20  Date

Dear devotees and friends,
Please accept my blessings.

The most probable is that I will not appear on the chat tomorrow, because I will be travelling. I am going to visit Ganges, Haridwar and Hrishikesh. I will spend some days there to recover my health and then get away for my new travel in the world of temples. So maybe I will not come to the chat on Sunday [March 28]. Perhaps I will manage to connect from Hrishikesh, otherwise I send a hug from my heart to everyone with this following message.

I am well and happy that I very soon will see all of you. Always remember how beautiful and important the Vaisnavas are. In the centre of the mayavadis we are trying to find out how to serve Srila Prabhupada. He went there too. We are going to study and preach where Ganges has its source. I have never been there, but these days I felt the call to go with a group of devotees to Hrishikesh.

Well, from Vrindavan I tell you that we are organizing the grand feast of the 10th anniversary of the WVA in next kartik. Once again a lot of service for Vrinda-Vrindavan.

Continue to organize tours to India so that Paramanhansa Maharaj can learn more Spanish. Because here they only speak Hindi and English. In the next kartik we are going to make a well organized Vraja Mandal Parikrama. More complete than the previous years. The special topic will be “The Love for the pastimes of Krishna”. Everything will be in Spanish and English. Of course, it is a program for devotees first of all. For the Inbound Tours we will have more relaxed programs.

Dinesh prabhu sends his greetings to all devotees in South America and says that he always is waiting for them in the Loi bazaar. He just came here to me with a giant packet of Laddus to distribute.

In all ways, do not forget that the temples in India depend on that the devotees organize the parikramas and Inbound tours. Besides this, if people love Vrindavan, a big step to love for Krishna is already achieved. So, the gift from Srila Prabhupada from Vrindavan can be distributed to many people. We have received the most precious gift with Vrinda Kunja to give the gift from Vrindavan, but even more important is Vrindavan believes in its own farms and temples. Vrindavan, the land of love, where Krishna is worshiped and all Vaisnavas are venerated. If there is any Vaisnava who requires a correction, we make it in the most discrete form as possible, so that in the temple of our heart can always stay the breeze from the Himalayas that comes to Dhira samira where it refreshes the divine couple Sri Sri Radha Govindaji. From Vamsi vat sounds the flute of the enchanter of all souls and those who are so fortunate that they can listen to this call, do not want to return to their houses or business and much less attend the tasks of their false egos.

The sweet music of Harinama Sankirtana brings the sound of the flute from Vamsi vat to all parts. Participate in the Harinama Sankirtan, and listning to the sound of the flute will come closer each day.

May Krishna be with you always and I hope that this little message of mine delivered today Saturday, here will calm your hearts, cure the wounds from so long time in this world, and fertilize the desire to return very soon to the spiritual world.

We have just prepared a big cargo of Imlitala for all devotees who still have not a piece of this desire tree, Kalpavriksa of Lord Caitanya and Sri Radha Govinda. Adore the deities in your respective temples as nice as you can. This will increase your love for Krishna.

Nitai gauranga, haribol.
Pilgrimage to the Himalayas, ki jay.
The Vedic Wisdom collection, ki jay

Always your well-wisher,
Swami B.A.Paramadvaiti
Saturday 27 of March, 2004
Vrindavana - India

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Admin: Del Message  Gouri Devi Dasi    vrinda108@yahoo.com  03/18/2004 12:50  Date
Message Dear devotees and friends,
Please accept my reverences.

The health of Gurudeva has improved quite a lot. Guru Maharaj has told us that he almost never has taken medicines, and even though the antibiotics decreased the infection, at the same time it gave some indigestion, he lost the appetite or bruises appeared on the skin. So we were quite worried all days. There were days when he was quite bad with fever exhausting him and he couldn’t do anything, Then he said: “I feel useless”.

Thanks to the care from the Sannyasis, Gurudeva recovered quickly, of course he is still a bit weak, but even so he is already back in his service, to go for parikrama in Vrindavan, to sing and dance, although he really should rest more.

Not even one day, when he was with fever, he stopped to give classes in the morning. He said: “My morning classes I cannot leave”. In the beginning he didn’t have energy, but later, what a happiness for us to see again Gurudeva with his incredible affection, giving us enthusiasm and joy when we heard him singing again and everything, like he is, our dear spiritual master, gracious, loving and sweet.

You know how is the humour of Gurudeva. I will tell you some little jokes. After being recovered, he rejected totally the medicines and said that he wouldn’t take any more and that he would do fasting with fruits. One different fruit each day. The first day it was grapes, only grapes. In the end of the day he told us: “Now I cannot take any more grapes, I have them up to my head.” The following day he just eat guavas and he said: “No more, please, I am getting guavaized”, because all day he was eating guavas and just couldn’t take more. And today being Ekadasi, he said to me that he only would drink water and didn’t want anything but water. And so sometimes he gets out but he also tries to rest.

With his recovery, Gurudeva has given life back to us.

I hope all the devotees are calm. Reverences to all.

Jaya Radhe Radhe, Gurudeva ki jayaaaa
Who desires to serve,
Gouri Devi Dasi
Vamsi Kunja Math, Vrindavana, India

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Admin: Del Message  Pancatattwa das    isevperu@amauta.rcp.net.pe http://www.gurumaharaj.net  03/14/2004 17:17  Date
Message Dear devotees and friends,

Please accept my dandavats pranams.

Mother Gouri has sent the following report regarding the health of Srila Guru Maharaj:

“Sorry for the delay in the communication, but we have been occupied in the service to Srila Gurudeva. Guru Maharaj came to India with his feet swollen, inclusive since long time before he already had this disease. Gurudeva told us that when he came to Calcutta they got more swollen, but recently in Mayapur a doctor prescribed a medicin, an antibiotic that was not exactly to find, and they asked the doctor if they could give another medicine, so they did so, which seems helped less.

Sripad B.V. Madhusudhan Maharaj from Ecuador was with Guru Maharaj all the time, and he tod us that Gurudeva was with fever for several days, but as you know he never stops and all due to his service. In Mayapur he was always active. Now he is in Vrindavan and here the fever continued, and even like this he has continued with his agenda of service. Later we visited two doctors, and they said that it is an infection and that they have not found anything else and that it probably is the antibiotics that he took that could would be causing this illness. In Mayapur Guru Maharaj did not take the original medicine, which was prescribed, and it seems that the necessary medicine was this one that they did not find, because the doctor here in Vrindavan prescribed the same. Then we have to wait and see the reaction of the ayurvedic treatment and then if it give no effects it takes to give him the antibiotics prescribe by the doctors from here, who are recognized to be the best doctors in Vrindavan.

We are all taking care of Guru Maharaj, attending him in different ways, putting towels on him, mud to lower the fever, and also giving diets. Sripad B.V. Paramahamsa Maharaj, Sripad B.V. Sridhar Maharaj and Sripad B.V. Madhusudhan Maharaj are always, all the day, with Guru Maharaj as always.

Gurudeva asked that you please do not alarm and that it is not necessary that you make the phone calls that till this moment has been received. From our part we understand and it is obvious that we are worried about the health of our Guru Maharaj, but this is what He told us, and well… her we are, trying to make the best for our dear Guru Maharaj.

Reverences from part of all the devotees of Vrinda Kunja.
Gouri Devi Dasi
Vrindavana – India”

PS: The devotees from Vrinda Kunja recently informed us that the health of Guru Maharaj is improving. The fever has lowered and his appetite is back. He continues taking the ayurvedic medicine and antibiotics. The blood test was good. It jus takes time and rest, which he certainly deserves from so much travelling and work.

At your service,
Pancatattwa das

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Message Dear devotees and friends of our Vrinda family......

As most of you will know we will not have a summer-Mela in Hungary this year. Being inspired by our Gurudeva, the Berlin Devotees would like to invite you all to Berlin. We hope to offer you some beautiful days full of spiritual expiriences, blissful sadhu sanga and an interesting culture program.

The Mela will be conducted from the 28th of July till the 2nd of August.
We hope this Mela will also help to progress the preperations for the installation of Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Govinda Sundaram in Berlin.
Besides the merciful presence of our Gurudeva Paramadvaiti Maharaja, we also hope to welcome B.V.Sadhu Maharaja, Krisna Nanda Prabhu, B.V.Vaishnava Maharaja, B.A. Kesava Maharaja and B.A. Harijan Maharaja.

Detailed Information will be sent to you in April. Hoping this meets you in good health and happiness.

Your Berlin Devotees


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Message Dear devotees and visitors,

Now you have the opportunity to listen to the lectures of our dear spiritual master Gurudeva Atulananda live via Internet. The link you can use is http://www.articultura.cl and there you will see many other news about different coming events and preaching projects.
The lectures on Bhagavad Gita are every day at 9 pm Chilean time and the lectures on Srimad Bhagavatam are given sometimes also.
Welcome to the new nectar in Internet!

Please, accept my dandavats!

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We should be more determined in our spiritual life, more meticulous in our studies and more compassionate with others in our sankirtan. This is the moment to renovate our compromise to Krishna and the spiritual master, our compromise to do better for Krishna, because our goal is to be of Krishna.

It is the moment to renovate our compromise to Gauranga Radha Vrajesvara, with this oasis. An oasis is a place where all anxieties calm down. I ask you to put all your heart in to see how we make this place to grow and how we make Krishna consciousness to grow. I ask you a lot of enthusiasm in the project of the Planetarium, not in the construction, that is secondary, the important is that we want to preach the Vedic cosmology to the world. May the Planetarium be a “live museum” where we teach people how to understand dharma and give them the solution, which is: become sincere and serious in spiritual life.

Our compromise is to give light to be light at each second in this world, and to attain this we need Bhagavad gita. He is our mainstay; on It we build our sadhana and our life. Everything can break down, but Bhagavad gita with Its inexhaustible universal instructions will always be there for you. And what is Bhagavad gita? What is Its teachings? It is that the samskara is the product of our acts. For this reason love is nothing easy to obtain, it is very difficult to attain, because we don not deserve love by our karma, because we have eaten meat in the past, we have been violent, etc.

So it takes that you first become loving, and for this Krishna gives us the mercy to associate with the devotees, where, instead of complaining, we will overcome the problems and advance. Therefore, if a person in the temple is angry or crazy or lusty, etc., you shall not be angry for that; you must understand that this person in paying his karma, and you should pity him and help him in an adequate way. To get angry with them who are not advanced is not a Vaisnava attitude, it is rather dangerous, because you commit offences and when there are offences, there is no spiritual advance.

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DECEMBER 31 23:30 pm

Gurudeva has come to visit us, to deliver love and compassion. He rejoices, sings and dances for Their Lordships Sri Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra, who with ecstatic love give Their darshan and Their blessings.

Gurudeva tells us that today in the morning his terrestrial father has left his body. What a beautiful example you give us with you tranquil glance; with your loving smile you thank your father for having brought you to this world where you met Srila Prabhupada.

Generously you share with us the story of how little Arjuna preached to him at the farm in Germany, when he came to visit them.

You advice us that, in order to be a good son or daughter, we have to become pure devotees, no half-measure, but to truly surrender to the Lord. You invite us to start a new and true life with determination: a lot of mangal artik, preaching and japas, and that we offer this new year to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada…

…already a while ago it passed 12 o’clock… thank you Guru Maharaj

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Message Dear Devotees,

Please, accept my humble obeisances. I wish all of you all happiness with a lot of service and blessings from Sri Sri Radha and Krishna for this new year!

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Message Reverences to all devotees of our beloved spiritual masters. Here in La Paz we are in the fight against illusion, and the restaurant at Calle Aspiazu will open its doors all the day and on Sundays, and there we will be with prabhu Vasughos and prabhu Gokula. We are also looking for a house for the bramacari ashram.

Next Wednesday we will be going to the capital of Bolivia Sucre, where we are invited by some devotee friends of Krishna to the feast of the appearance of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Always hoping for your blessings

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